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kids ffp2 face mask

We are FFP2 kid face mask building service company in China, we make children FFP2 face masks for kid (boys and girls) between 3-14 years old. our children ffp2 face masks are fish design (shape), it is simple to wear, our youngsters ffp2 face covers that have two alternative color, blue for boys and green […]

What you need to know about hair straightening

For those with curly hair, the prospect of straightening it out using chemical means can give one pause for thought. But there are safe and proven methods of taming the curls without risking permanent damage to either your hair or skin. The first step you should take is to consult a professional. A hair care specialist with a […]

en149 FFP2 Face Masks For Kids

Current, there are lots of EN149 FFP2 face masks on the market designed for “kids” but most of them are a plain sheet of fabric that do not save them. Every single day, and more and more doctors, scientists and media say that we use at least KN95/N95/FFP2 grade masks as just such these can […]

FFP2 face mask manufactuer in Europe and Germany

N95-FFP2.COM Specializes in assembling FFP2 protective masks for clinical use and generally dust covers. We give FFP2, FFP3, KN95, and N95 mask respirators. Our ffp2 face cover items are made in full regard of severe worldwide guidelines and they experience different phases of value control. We utilize simply the best materials and fixings to guarantee […]

Atemschutzmaske FFP1 FFP2 FFP3

Gegenwärtig durchlebt die gesamte Menschheit schwierige Momente, in denen ein angemessener Schutz, insbesondere auf der Ebene der Atemwege, von größter Bedeutung ist. Deshalb ist die Wahl der Masken, je nach dem von den Menschen benötigten Schutz, dies hat eine große Bedeutung, die Wahl dieser Schutzinstrumente muss auf Normen basieren, die von internationalen Organisationen umgesetzt wurden, […]

FFP2 Protective Face masks

Why Everyone Should Use FFP2 Protective Face masks during COVID-19 pandemic Living through the COVID-19 pandemic is something that nobody could have anticipated. The way we protect ourselves against the virus will determine how fast the world will recover. Facial masks are probably the most accessible way of protecting each other and one from another. […]

Using an N95 Safety Mask Respirator Correctly

N95 safety masks offer superior protection when compared with regular medicinal masks. They have high efficiency at capturing particles that pass through it. A regular N95 face mask will block 95% or more of all small particles and microorganisms. To achieve maximum protection, it needs to be used correctly because it is possible to use […]

NIOSH N95 Respirator

NIOSH N95 respirator is a product that is well-known nowadays because this product concerns to people’s health. NIOSH respirator is useful for your health because it features many good things. If you are interested to purchase this product, it is better for you to have enough knowledge about that so it will help you in […]

China N95 FFP2 Face Mask Company

How to find N95 FFP2 face mask Company in China N95 FFP2 face masks are disposable face masks that are verified to filter the air to an industrial standard. Producers say, but the N95 is a stamp from the US national institute for occupational health and safety to present that it is efficient, which comes […]

How to Find FFP3 Face Mask Company

Face masks are generally used by medical staff within clinics, hospitals, and doctor surgeries as dust and medical masks. The FFP3 face mask is also largely used within heavily polluted atmosphere including agriculture, construction, and healthcare experts to save against all types of diseases, viruses, and pullets. In recent years, after the sars outbreak in […]