FFP2 Protective Face masks

Why Everyone Should Use FFP2 Protective Face masks during COVID-19 pandemic

Living through the COVID-19 pandemic is something that nobody could have anticipated. The way we protect ourselves against the virus will determine how fast the world will recover. Facial masks are probably the most accessible way of protecting each other and one from another. While the standard blue medicinal masks can curve the spread of the virus, FFP2 protective safety masks are far superior.

What is an FFP2 Protective face mask?

FFP2 protective masks were originally designed for commercial or industrial use. They are quite efficient at filtering very small particles and prevent them from passing through the mask. The filtration they offer works both ways meaning that it filters the air we exhale and the air that comes from outside and we breathe in.

Unlike conventional medicinal masks, FFP2 face mask fit better over the face and leave little to no gaps at all. They also do not slip as easily and stay on properly. They usually have an external valve that allows the exhaled air to exit the mask, reducing condensation and making it easier to breathe. The number in FFP2 indicates the efficiency of the mask. FFP3 are the most efficient ones but they also obstruct breathing to such a level that many will find them very difficult to use. FFP1 masks are the most efficient ones but are also the least common ones.

How efficient are FFP2 dust face masks?

FFP2 protective face masks are required to be able to filter at least 94% of all airborne particles. They also allow some air to enter and have an inward leakage of 8%. Compared to FFP1 masks, they are significantly more efficient while still making it easy to breathe with one on.

Another aspect worth noting is that FFP2 masks can retain and filter virus cells from the inhaled air that goes through the mask. This makes them very efficient at reducing the effects of a widely spread disease. Ideally, these masks should be worn by everyone which would reduce the contamination risk to almost zero. In some areas, the use of protective masks has been mandated by law. However, there is no clear legislative guidance that would enforce the use of FFP2 face masks.

The thing to take home is that FFP2 face masks are considerably more efficient than regular medical-grade masks. Their demand increased significantly due to the current world conditions but manufacturers are ramping up production to cope with the population needs. Prices have managed to stabilize so that FFP2 dust face masks are affordable and reachable to everyone, regardless of where they live. Most people still prefer to use regular masks it makes it easier to breathe with them on but FFP2 safety masks are more recommended due to the increased protection. Lastly, FFP2 protective masks are a bit more expensive than regular masks but their price gets lower when ordered in large quantities. A sensible approach would be to order a larger quantity to ensure that there is always a fresh set of masks to be used every single time someone needs to interact with others or leave the premises of their home.