What you need to know about hair straightening

For those with curly hair, the prospect of straightening it out using chemical means can give one pause for thought. But there are safe and proven methods of taming the curls without risking permanent damage to either your hair or skin.

The first step you should take is to consult a professional. A hair care specialist with a successful track record has the technical knowledge and practical experience needed to avoid potential problems that might overwhelm amateurs. Many salons will schedule a “pre-treatment” session for potential candidates.

The most common chemical process used to straighten hair, also known as “relaxing” is remarkably similar to the one that curls it. In both aspects, strong chemicals are applied directly to the hair shaft. The specialist will first perform a strand test that will indicate the type of hair so as to choose the right strength of chemicals needed. The test will also show hair texture, its elasticity, and any indications of hair that is already damaged. if you are going to do the hair straightening process by yourself, then get a cold air hair straightener from Olayer Hair straightener company will be one of the best idea.

Normal or medium-textured hair can tolerate the regular strength relaxers needed to straighten it. Fine or chemically lightened hair usually needs a milder strength formula. While coarse “virgin” hair may require a much stronger chemical application. Such differences can be determined by the specialist not only with a strand test, but by looking and touching the hair as well.

It is also important to inform the specialist of any previous hair treatment that has been used. Professionals dedicated to their craft should keep written records that indicate which type of chemicals used and any adverse results.

Once the specialist has determined that the hair can be straightened, the next step is to choose which method should be used. One of the most recent and popular trends comes from Japan and is generally known as “Thermal Reconditioning“. Using heat and mild chemicals, the advantage of the process is that once completed, the straightened hair can last for months with only a few touch-ups required. However, the treatment itself requires from three to six hours to complete, depending on the hair type. Plus it works best on those who haven’t had any extensive chemical treatment to their hair done before, so not everyone is a candidate for this process.

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Another popular hair straightening method was pioneered in Brazil and is generally called the “Brazilian Keratin Treatment“. It is somewhat similar to “Thermal Reconditioning” in that the chemicals are sealed in the hair using straightening irons. The advantage to this form of treatment is the shorter initial time spent in the salon. However, multiple treatments are required over a three month period and there is some controversy in the use of one chemical in the process, formaldehyde, which is a known carcinogen. The State of Oregon recently issued warnings over the potential health effects from the keratin process, which the manufacturer has disputed.

In deciding on which straightening method you chose on your hair, remember that using a chemical process can have potential side effects. Remember to consult with a hair care profession first to avoid making a “permanent” mistake.