China N95 FFP2 Face Mask Company

How to find N95 FFP2 face mask Company in China

N95 FFP2 face masks are disposable face masks that are verified to filter the air to an industrial standard.

Producers say, but the N95 is a stamp from the US national institute for occupational health and safety to present that it is efficient, which comes with a logo, the FFP2 face mask is followed EU EN 149:2001 +A1:2009 standard, indlue the FFP1, AND FFP3 face mask respirators.

They are used to stop from breathing in risky little particles, such as mould, dust or aerosol paint particles.

They usually have a  8 hour shelf life before becoming clogged depending on the job you are doing.

How to find N95 FFP2 face mask company

When buying a mask beware of the language being used by sellers as the level of security offered varies.

The sites states that that meet the requirement from the WHO for fighting Avian flu, Sars and Coronavirus.

You can also buy fifty standard surgical masks.

Amazon and other famous online sites provide a big range of different face masks, with the surgical models accessible for under €10 with free delivery, as well as N95 or FFP2 face masks, but the price for n95, ffp1,ffp2, or ffp3 mask respirators will be little higher than the simple medical masks. When you should wear a medical mask or n95 ffp2 mask, normally a doctor will wear a medical mask, normally a person wears PPE masks such as KN95, N95 face mask, FFP2, FFP3 face mask respirator.

A range of other companies are also supplying masks to the public and different firms – yet be sure to check the masks have the necessary certification, for example, N95 has NIOSH, FFP1, FFP2, and FFP3 face mask should have an EU CE certificate.

FFP2 face mask China

When you are looking for a wholesale price for millions of N95 or FFP2 face masks for your market or your country people, I think the best way is finding an ffp2 face mask China factory, you will have the wholesale price for all of the masks and fast lead time.

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Should I be wearing a face mask?

More than a hundred medics across Europe are urging the public to either make or online buy, their own reusable cotton masks to wear them every time they leave the home during the pandemic.

Some single use masks can be sterilized in the oven to make them best to go again and keep you money.

You can also make your own mask from general household that is as successful as most of the ones on the market.

Surgical masks for general public use is debated because they can become contaminated by other peoples sneeze and coughs or when putting them on and removing them, but it beats nothing.

The administration scientific advisers are reviewing whether or not to make mask-wearing mandatory.

Professionals also warn that these masks can provide a false sense of security and continue hand-washing and social distancing are more effective.

It is also advise that only healthcare workers should be wearing the most protective FPP2/N95 and FPP3 masks.

Do N95 FFP2 face masks save me from Coronavirus?

The WHO advises that only 2 groups of people should wear N95 FFP2 face mask. These are:

  • People caring for those with COVID-19
  • People who are sick and showing symptoms

How to Find FFP3 Face Mask Company

Face masks are generally used by medical staff within clinics, hospitals, and doctor surgeries as dust and medical masks. The FFP3 face mask is also largely used within heavily polluted atmosphere including agriculture, construction, and healthcare experts to save against all types of diseases, viruses, and pullets.

In recent years, after the sars outbreak in Far East Asia, communities in countries such as Japan and Korea have used protective dust face mask perfectly, and FFP3 face masks have been seen to be the premium defender.

ffp3 face mask
ffp3 face mask

Face masks have widely shown to decrease the spread of any viruses and germs that the wearer of the mask may be carrying, and decrease the spread of viruses and germs to the wearer of the mask by the people that they may come in contact with. Having the top standard FFP3 face masks is vital to save against the wearer and people around the wearer.

N99/FFP3 face masks

N99/FFP3 face masks or surgical masks have a minimum of ninety-nine percent filtration percentage and a maximum of four percent leakage to the outside. The full leakage of this face mask is the highest of 5 percent.

The FFP3 face mask is the top level of protection and saves against toxic particulates including bacteria, asbestos, viruses, and radioactive particles. FFP3 masks are generally used in the chemistry industry due to the usage of hazardous and contaminating materials.

These FFP3 protective face masks have a wroth which lets you breathe in filtered air. Masks that do not have a filter are generally harder to breathe through because your airways are completely covered. With a valve, it makes breathing much simple, mainly in the workplace or stuffy atmosphere.

What do FFP3/N99 look like?

The face masks cover the nose and mouth when fitted rightly. They have two elastic headbands that keep the mask in the area on the head. One headband goes at the base of your head and the other band at the top of your head. They also have a little metal area that sits across the bridge of the nose when in use, this keeps the mask linked to the face to decrease any leakage of germs and viruses to the nose and face. The FFP3 face masks have a 99 percent leakage mask. You can buy these masks on Amazon, eBay, and other e-commerce sites through direct companies.

But if you want to buy thousands of FFP3 face mask with wholesale price, I think you need to find an FFP3 face mask company from China, but there is something that you need to take care, to make sure that the FFP3 face mask is 100% meet the EN149 2001 +A1:2209 standard otherwise you have not able to sell the FFP3 mask on your market. Olayer is Germany inverted FFP2 face mask China company, offer FFP2 face mask, FFP3 face mask, we guarantee all of our masks will be 100% meeting EN149 standard with the right EU Ce certificate, please contact to know more detail.

The masks are lightweight and not heavy, so they should sit on the face.

FFP2 mask respirator


The FFP (filtering face piece) filter mask also known as a respirator is a European Union-certified protective mask that protects the face, nose, mouth, throat, and respiratory organs against particles such as dust, dust particles, air particles or particles from bacteria. There are three types of FFP mask depending on the filtering efficiency. These include the following: Ffp1, F FP2, and FFP3, all of which can be selected when used for respiratory protection. The face Piece mask can also be filtered through a variety of other filters such as air filters, air purifiers, or air purifiers.


The FFP1 classification of respirators is designed for working environments where toxic fibrous dust particles and aerosols are expected in the air. The FFP1 mask filters particles up to 0.6 micrometers in size and 1 micrometer in diameter, as well as particles larger than 2 micrometers. The FFP1 face mask filters at least 80% of the particles. It has a limited filtering effect and only filters large particles. FFP1 is not good enough to protect the wearer from harmful micro particles carrying viruses


The standard FFP2 mask respirator also known as a liquid-resistant surgical mask designed to protect against injection drops that hit the wearer’s nose, mouth, and airway. It is extremely comfortable to wear and protects even after long use and is used as a disposable mask. FFP2 mask is used to protect the face, nose, mouth, and airways as well as throat.

This face mask covers the mouth and nose and is typically made up of various filter materials that support the filtration of air in this particular mask. The FFP2 mask respirator contains various certification features that may be included when filtering air pollutants from the air

The FFP2 comes in a wide range of different shapes, sizes, and colors, as well as in many different styles. The FFP2 respirator can be used in different environments, including cold, wet, as well as hot and dry environments. The respirator also protects those who wear it from inhaling droplets of infectious agents

It should be noted that this type of mask must be used in combination with other PPE measures. The foldable FFP2 respirator valve is offered by manufacturers and suppliers of air filter masks. FFP2 masks are equipped with a valve to improve user comfort. This valve helps the user to breathe easily and prevents condensation on the mask by fogging the glass. The standard FFP2 surgical mask is effective in preventing respiratory diseases e.g. COVID-9.

The standard FFP2 face mask protects the wearer from inhaling droplets and airborne particles. It is designed to prevent the excretion of secretions from the upper airways and saliva, which can contain particles such as dust, dust particles, air particles, or particles from bacteria and viruses when exhaled. Due to its filter efficiency and its usability, it is considered as one of the most efficient filter masks in its class.


In high-risk areas where surgical masks do not provide sufficient protection, an FFP3 mask respirator with a valve would be recommended. The FFP3 series respirator is extremely durable, features a preformed bridge of the nose, and an excellent fit that provides easy access to nostrils with excellent ventilation.

When we talk about the FFP3 face mask, it is a reusable mask, typically made of non-woven synthetic fiber, and features a high-performance exhalation valve that is used to change the filter layer by screwing in. This type of FFP mask provides its users with many important specifications and protection features when worn in a compromised environment.

FFP3 is also designed to protect against spray drops that hit the wearer’s nose, mouth, and airway. The report examines the effectiveness of the FFP3 mask in reducing the spread of droplets in the air and their effectiveness in preventing infection.

In this way, the FFP3 mask is designed to allow the user to breathe through the airways, providing a safe and comfortable environment for both the wearers. It helps to avoid any secretions in the upper airways or saliva that are present during exhalation and inhalation of the carrier, such as mucus.

A standard surgical mask is one of the most effective ways to prevent infections among health care workers.  The ability of the filter mask FFP3 to filter out micro particles and viruses is greater than that of the mask FFP2. This respirator filters 99% of the particles, which means that it provides the greatest protection. This mask can also prevent infection in patients with respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, and respiratory infections. FFP3 protects against fine particles, for example, asbestos. It doesn’t protect against gases and specifically nitrogen oxide

What Is the Difference Between Ffp1, Ffp2, and Ffp3?

This type of face mask is classified as “FFP1,” “FFP2” or FFP3, indicating its ability to filter out micro particles, viruses, suspended particles, and other particles, as well as facial features. FFPs stand for “Filtering of fine particles”. The respirators, which range from FFP1 to FFP2 to FFP3, offer respiratory protection against different concentrations of pollutants depending on the size of the particles (particles from 0.6 mm to 1.5 mm).

The rule for the three classifications of FFP masks is that the higher the number, the better the protection, meaning that “FFP3” provides the greatest protection of all three. Each of the antivirus masks offered can filter out the capacity of the particles in the air, which they can hold back depending on the degree of protection. The FFP masks have different capabilities and will work by filtering out certain pollutants from the air.

FFP1  Filters at least 80% of air particles21%
FFP2  Filters at least 94% of airborne particles9%
FFP3Filters at least 99% of air particles    2%  

 Conclusion: Hospitals and medical staff are protected by masks and respirators in the event of an emergency such as a heart attack, stroke, respiratory arrest, or other serious illness. You should wear a mask to protect your lungs from all the dangerous things in the air. These could be particles, dust, aerosols, or smoke which may reduce the amount of blood flow to the lungs and other body parts such as the brain, heart, and lungs.